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5 Protective Styles for Natural Hair

There are so many options for styling natural hair. Natural hair care can be tricky if you don't have a consistent routine and have not mastered what your hair loves. With so many options for hair styling, it can be confusing on what styles are most appropriate for your hair, lifestyle, and preference. Protective styling is a great option when you can't decide on how to style your hair. It's definitely a go-to option for most naturals , especially the lazy natural and those with busy lifestyles.

A protective style is a style that keeps the ends of the hair tucked away and minimizes manipulation. Protective styling gives the hair a break from daily manipulation and other stressful conditions. There are so many benefits of protective styling. Not only is it loved my most naturals for obvious reasons, it can also help reduce breakage, and less breakage can help in achieving longer and healthier hair.

There are endless options for protective styles that it can be overwhelming on which style is best for you. If you're not sure on what styles would fit you and your lifestyle, here are 5 Protective Styles for natural hair to choose from and that will give the hair a styling break and help with maintaining the integrity of the hair.

  1. Braids or Box Braids: These involve weaving your hair into thin or thick braids. They're versatile and can be worn for weeks, protecting your hair from manipulation and environmental factors. When wearing braids be sure to condition the hair before styling. This will help in the take out process and help with the excessive shedding.

  2. Twists or Senegalese Twists: Similar to braids, this style involves twisting sections of hair. It's a great way to retain moisture and minimize breakage. Same with braids, it's important that your hair is in good shape by giving it a good conditioning before installing this style.

  3. Buns or Top Knots: Gathering your hair into a bun on top of your head keeps the ends tucked away and reduces friction, promoting hair health. This is quick style to get you on your way. When tucking your ends away with this style, it's important not to tug and pull on hair accessories. It's recommended to use a silk scrunchy or ponytail holder without the metal hooks.

  4. Cornrows: These are small, tight braids that lay flat against the scalp. They're not only protective but can also be styled in various patterns. This is the all time favorite and cornrows have been around forever. When installing cornrows it's important to make sure the hair is moisturized. This will help with a smooth installation and helps make your styles last.

  5. Faux Locs: These mimic the appearance of traditional locs but aren't permanent. They're created by wrapping sections of hair with extensions, keeping your natural hair safe from daily manipulation. We love a good style such as this but this style can be tricky. Be sure to take your time during the takeout stage to reduce the of damaging your own hair.

Remember to moisturize your hair while it's in these styles and give your scalp proper care to maintain healthy hair growth. Happy Hair Day!!

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