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Back to School – Virtual Style- ROOM MAKEOVER

It is official back to school time and who knew that 90% of the population would be doing it virtually!! The Corona virus has really reshaped how we do things and with that we just must adjust. My rising 7th grader was excited with the possibility of returning to school the normal way, but COVID-19 had other plans. Things are how they are, so we must make the best of them so with that, I sought to make the best of a not so great situation.

The idea of my rising 7th grader starting out the year virtually, I wanted to create an environment that would allow him to not only be comfortable but to thrive as well. My first step was to ask my son for any special wishes for his new learning space. He is not hard to please and is flexible most of the time, but I wanted to his input so that he would feel like he was apart the process.

His only request was to have a space where there would be minimal distractions and with a cool chair, so we opted to have his desk and learning space to be in his room. My only request to do it on a budget and not over do it. With that information, mommy went to work. I first assessed his current space on what items he currently uses and what he would need to make the space cohesive for learning as well relaxing.

I scurried the web for deals on things I could conveniently have delivered. Because of COVID-19 I didn't want the stress of going from store to store trying to find the things I need. So most of the items I picked up was either shipped from Amazon or Target. Both Amazon and Target were ideal retailers with keeping my budget in mind the and the convenience of having items delivered in a timely matters. With that in mind, we went to work. Here is the rundown of what we did:

1. Workspace - We updated his current desk with additional space and storage for his laptop, books, folder, etc. Added a new chair with back support and wheels. Added a desk lamp with charging port just in case he needs to charge his devices. It is easily accessible.

2. Bed – He is approaching his tween years, so I wanted to update the bedding that was colorful yet appropriate for his age group. I also opt for a new bed frame. This brought the entire room together.

3. Extra Seating -I wanted an additional where he could chill, relax, and read when he needed to. I opted for the Big Boi Bean bag. He loves that thing. Surprisingly was sturdy even to the point where I could sit in it.

4. Remixed - I used existing future and table to revamp and renew to coordinate with new items. Added an extra set of panels to the existing window to bring in some pop of color and to allow natural light to shine through.

5. Accessories – Affirmation are big, so I wanted words of encouragement posted in room for the constant reminder of words of encouragement. Because he is a love and plays basketball, I used those saying as motivators for some.

After putting all the pieces together to shape the room, my son was more than happy with the results. He loves his new bed and enjoys chilling in his bean bag while reading.

The ultimate goal was to create a space I knew he would love all while staying in budget!!! I was able to achieve a clean and tween like boy room with money left over. The key to this room make over was using existing items and remixing them.

Due to COVID-19 and limited time and resources I was able to have most of the items shipped.

We survived the official first week of virtual schooling and I have to admit, the first day was a complete mess but we manage to make it out. Things are smooth sailing and my son is thriving in his new space and he loves it!! I was excited that he was excited and I’m happy to report that he has been thriving in his now new virtual learning environment!!! GO MOM!!!

DISCLAIMER AFFILIATE LINKS: Some of the links are affiliate links meaning if you purchase from them, I receive a small commission from the purchase.

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