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Styling a Button Down Shirt

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Who doesn’t live a classic over-sized button down shirt?!? It’s a wardrobe staple and it’s a great way to remix old pieces to make things new again. The button down shirt is a such a classic piece that I find myself purchasing one almost every season. Nothing beats a crisp classic button down to make you feel sharp and ready to take to on the world.

Since the button shirt is such a classic piece in my wardrobe and probably for many, I started to think….Hmmmm, there has to be another way I could rock this same item, achieving a different look all while not breaking my wardrobe budget. I have so many variations of a button down I figured why not.

Check out my latest video on how I style the classic button down

Here are some options for an over-sized button down you can consider:

Here’s a small demonstration on how I achieve the first look!!!

As much as I love online shopping I’ve been doing a good job of not order sooo many clothes while in quarantine!!! Trying to save my coin so when outside open back up, I’ll be READY to remix my looks with my good ole’ faithful….my oversized shirt !!!

Have fun with fun with your over-sized button down shirt adventure!!!

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