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Want to try Thrift Shopping? – Get the tea on what you should do before going!!

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Are you already a thrift shopper?? If not, you are missing out on so much!! I’m an avid thrift shopper and find the ultimate joy in finding treasures on my thrift shopping adventures. I’ve been thrifting since the tender years of college when I was a struggling student and needed threads to remix my non existing wardrobe. My love for thrifting has now transitioned into something I enjoy and I look forward to my frequent thrift shop adventures. And….who doesn’t love the idea of saving money all while being fabulous. ME…this girl!!!

If you’ve never been thrift shopping and suddenly have the urge to try it, that’s great!! I want to warn you, it can be a turn off if you’re not used to it and a bit overwhelming at first!!! Don’t fret, this is totally normally and trust me, it took me years to finesse the whole thrifting thing.

First things first, don’t be intimidated by the experience, it’s going to be fun!!! It takes a couple of tries to get it down to a science but there are few things you should consider when attempting to go thrifting for the first time, so here it goes…

1. Find a local thrift shop in your area that offers the discounts. Yup!!! You heard me, we want a discount on top on the already reduced price. Depending on the thrift store, some of the prices can be a little steep so I recommend to shop on sale days. Most thrift shops have an email sign up or rewards program. Yes…you heard me, a thrift rewards program!! So sign up for the email list and rewards program to receive notifications for special sales. There’s almost always a sale during special holidays (i.e. Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, etc.) So even if you’re not a part of the mailing list, you can try your luck on one of those day. Once you find the sale days for your favorite thrift shops you can visit during those specific days. There are even online thrift shops like THred up that offer discounts online!!! And the gag is… they even carry designer pieces at a fraction at the price. WINNING!!!

2. Don’t be afraid of the environment. Of course it is not your average department store filled with glamourous presentations, the perfume samples and mannequins so don’t be taken aback by what you see. Most thrift shops are very organized and clean. You can figure your way around by the signage that’s normally posted either above or on one each aisle. Once you found what it is you’re looking for, there’s a section for that!!! Go to it and dig right in…. and take your time. Like I said, it’s not a department store so there won’t be multiples of one item. If you see something that may tickle your fancy, put it in the cart to try on later.

3. Thrift shops are no longer for the poor. Thrifting has become such a trend that all people with different economic backgrounds are trying their hand at thrifting. Gone are the days where thrifting would be for those who lacked resources Aht...Aht….you find the most clean and cut individuals in thrift shops. Thrift shops hold so many treasures and everybody wants in on it. The thought of it being among the not so fortunate is old tea!! So get your life and your local thrift shop. I guaranteed you will be back for more.

Check out my latest video on tips and tricks you can use on your next thrifting adventure!!


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