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What’s in My “Tote” Bag?

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Tote Bags are the staple accessory for every woman and mom on the go. There are so many varieties, shapes, colors, textures….you name it!!! When it comes to tote bags, there’s something out there to tickle any fashionista’s fancy. No matter the style or type of tote bag you choose they all serve the same purpose…to store all your junk, survival kit and necessities for the day.

My favorite type of tote bag is versatile, functional and stylish. I love the basic down to the very typical everyday bag. Right now I have a total of three tote bags in my collection and they all serve the same purpose…to store my life all in one place. I figured three is a good number to have since I tend to carry tote bags rather frequently.

Since I’m always toting my life around, I needed variety as well the ability to switch them up. To not only coordinate my outfit swag for the day but to also give each of them a break for the everyday wear. My Tote Bag collection looks something like this….

….And the stuff in the inside looks like this…

· Wallet

· Tablet

· Phone

· Keys

· Ear pods

· Hand sanitizer

· Makeup bag

· Sunglasses

· Wipes

· Girly bag – bag with all essentials (i.e. pads, pantiliners, summer eves wipes, etc.)

· Antibacterial Wipes

· Gum

· Hair pins and ties

· Mini edge control, brush, and oil – Don’t judge me, I’m a natural girl and I have to stay ready

· Bottle water

· Snacks

· Pain reliever/allergy relief

Whew…..just jotting down this list made me take a deep breath. This list is for sure a lot and I just like most things in my life, they all require some form of organization. The one thing that all of my totes have in common is the purse organizer. My purse organizer is the real MVP. It keeps me sane and organized in a deep whole of nowhere called the tote bag. As you see from my list of items, I need something to keep me all the way together!

Life is hectic and like I said, I carry it every day in my bag, so why not organize the mess. I got my organizer from Amazon and it’s a life saver. They come in colors and sizes so you can be a little fancy and get one that matches the color of your bag. This handy dandy thing has made switching up between my tote bags a breeze. I basically remove the entire organizer from one tote and place it in another. Easy peezy caramel cheesy!!! While this list seems like a lot, I’m a mom and woman on the go so I have to be prepared at all times.

What’s the saying, “Stay ready, so you don’t have to get ready”

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