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5 Myths About Natural Hair

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

I recently was having a conversation with a close friend and we were talking about hair obviously. She mentioned that she was just letting her natural hair out and wanted to see people‘s reaction to her natural mane. She had been wearing a protective style by way of wigs and weaves for years. Her closest friend and family had not seen her natural hair in years and was used to seeing her that way. She was apprehensive but took the plunge and decided to show her hair. Most of the reaction was as expected, surprised and shocked. Questioning the change but overall a good reaction. So it got me thinking, are people really not approving or apprehensive of the natural hair styles. Is it the misconceptions and how do they view it? Are people skeptical of how it would be received by others? Is it more so an aesthetic thing and people like what they like?

There has been a huge spike of women wearing their natural hair over the last few years and while it's a part of a lifestyle, most people are still warming up to the idea of women wearing their natural hair. So it begs me to wonder, are people more concerned about the look or are they just confused about natural hair and fall victim to the myths and misconceptions of having natural hair. With that thought, I wanted to debunk some of the most common myths about natural hair so let’s address 5 myths of natural hair.

1. Natural hair is hard to manage

I don’t know where this misconception came from but Sis...this is so far from the truth. All hair requires some level of maintenance. If you have the straightess, to the finest of hair all the way to the kinkiest texture, the hair will need some level of upkeep. Whether it’s weekly shampooing and conditioning or even wig and weave maintenance, all styles require it. It’s all about the concept and how you view maintenance. Pick you poison as some would like to say but ultimately, maintenance will be involved either way. Whatever style choice you decide, to maintain it will require some work. Natural hair is viewed as being difficult to manage because it’s still rather new way of wearing and caring for natural textured of kinky curly hair. It's not its difficult or new, but more so knowing what to do, how to do it and what you need to maintain your main. Product knowledge and establishing a routine is also important too. While it may take some to learn your hair, once you find your rhythm, it’ll be a breeze. Here are some product recommendations that may work for all hair types.

2. Natural hair is not professional.

Hair discrimination is not a new thing. Women of color have had to conform to societal imagery for years in order to be taken seriously in the workplace. Natural hair is very versatile and can be worn so many ways, so of course it’s very professional in all environments. With the recent passing of The Crown Act in many states, gone are the days of black women feeling ashamed to wear their natural hair in the workplace. The act is long overdue but it’s the step in the right direction. Making natural hair style more acceptable and professional.

3. All natural hair is the same.

Who said this?? Just like how each human being will have their own unique fingerprint, well is your hair is similar to that. No one will have the same hair as you and that makes you extra special. The key to know what to do with your hair is learning what it likes. With that, the hair products your favorite YouTuber maybe using, may not work for you. Get to know your hair. Get to you know your hair type and hair porosity. Knowing your hair type and porosity will help you determine what products work best for your hair. I know it may sound like a science project but I promise, it's simple and not complicate. Try experimenting and doing a porosity test. Trust me you will be glad you did. Not sure how to do this, you can follow these simple steps.

Get to know what your hair needs and how it reacts to certain products.. Establish a routine and research products that work well with your hair. Download the FREE TD Hair Guide to get you started and establish a routine that works for your hair.

4. Natural hair does not suit everyone

Excuse me but, if what's in your natural DNA is not for you then what is. Showing up as you is so important. Accepting who you are is so important. However your natural hair grows out of your scalp is who you are. So your natural hair will suit you because, it’s who YOU ARE!!! Your hair is what makes you, you. However I do understand how one may feel more comfortable with not embracing how their hair grows out their head. But I also believe it's about perception and what you view as suitable. Change your mind and change your whole world!

5. Natural hair is not attractive

Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder but this beholder is tripping if you don’t think natural hair is attractive. Natural hairstyles have been around since the beginning of time. So much that many other cultures tend to duplicate those same styles. If that’s any indication of what beautiful is, then there you go. We all know imitation is the best compliment and many have been copying natural hair culture for years. So it's not appealing to live under a rock.

So there you have it, a few of the natural hair myths debunked. Be you in the best you know how. And being you is extra special!!!

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