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5 Tips for Caring for Natural Hair During the Summer Months

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

With outside officially opening, everyone will be making up for lost times. Hitting the beaches and pools near you. The dog days of Summer are officially in full effect and after a whole year of quarantine everyone is eager to hit the summer grounds running. But before you get all excited and just go, remember while the sun is beautiful and brings joy with fun in the sun, it can wreak havoc on the hair.

So, before you beat the streets or the nearby pool and beach, be sure you protect yourself and hair with these 5 Summer Hair Care tips that will carry you throughout the season.

1. Moisturize – I know this sounds oh so familiar and the old song and dance but moisturizing the hair is a game changer. Regardless of the season you should be moisturizing but it is especially critical when the temperatures are rising. The summer heat can over dry the hair leaving it feeling less moisturized. Moisturizing the hair during the summer season does not have to be difficult. You can achieve moisture by just spritzing the with just water, a water base leave in or even your own DIY water mixture. The choice is yours. So do not be afraid to spritz the hair with a mist of whatever water combination you choose, just do it. Choose your favorite mist spray bottle like the one in the TD Curl Cousin Curl Kit

and have your moisture right at the palm of your hands.

Check out my DIY Detangler Mix that I often use as moisturizing through the week.

2. Use a Leave in - Coat the Strands – If you are a dunker that enjoys swimming and letting your hair go free…. It is an amazing and freeing feeling. But Aht...Aht…. STOP RIGHT THERE!!! Regardless of the season you should be moisturizing but it is especially critical when the temperatures are rising. We all want to be free and have a good time in the water and I highly recommend it, but before doing so, coat your strands in your favorite leave in. This will aid in reducing tangles. Be mindful that chlorine and beach water can strip the hair so do not be afraid to add an extra layer by coating your strand. Your hair will thank you!! These Leave Ins are also good options for putting moisture back into the hair.

3. Deep Condition – Do not forget to deep condition the hair. I know you are rushing to get to the summer activities but take the time to deep condition your hair. Deep conditioning the hair serves an extra barrier against the summer heat. Depending on what climate you are in, the sun can more intense, so deep conditioning helps with creating that layer of protection and prevents over drying. I know you want to skip out on this step, but you will be so glad you did.. After a long day in the sun or even at the pool or beach.

4. Rinse after swimming – If you do not do anything, make sure you rinse your hair after swimming. Whether if it is beach water or chlorine from the pool, you want to get all that gunk and chemicals off the hair. Chlorine and salt water can strip the hairs natural oils increasing dryness and resulting in breakage, so washing or rinsing off as much as you can after your day of swimming will be very beneficial to the hair. If you are coating the hair with a leave in prior to swimming the hair will be fine, but you want to make sure you give the hair good rinsing following up with a good shampoo later as well.

5. Cover the Hair – Summer time was made for you to wear a hat, so do it!!! Covering the hair with a nice stylish hat is another option to protect the hair from natural UV rays of the summers sun and heat. There are so many trendy and stylish options to choose from and who does not want to finish any outfit with a cute hat. Now you may not have the option to style your outfits with a hat every time but when you can, I suggest very highly to do it. Here are some hat options that I am loving for the summer season right now.

So as you venture out into the summer fun be sure to not to forget to care for your hair, trust me you will be so happy that you did!!!

Cheers to a happy and healthy hair Summer!!!

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