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5 Things I’ve learned During a Pandemic

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

It’s July 2020 and we’ve been at the new life we’ve come to know for over 5 months now. Who knew that when the nation was abruptly just down due to COVID-19 aka coronavirus that we’d be still battling it many months later. The coronavirus has proven to be a bad mother….claiming the lives of the elderly and affecting so many on others. While many American have been directly impacted by this virus many have been indirectly affected at some level.

Since learning of the virus, many have had to adapt to a new way of lifestyle. Wearing masks and social distancing is now the new norm. Summer 2020 will be one for the books as most haven’t had the joys of spending a day at the pool or even a day at the beach. While this horrific event plague us for months to come, I’ve learned to make the best out of the worst situation and try to look on the brighter side of things. While experiencing the impact of the virus, I’ve learned a few things during this pandemic that has help me cope!

1. Just go with it - The plans you thought you had can be thrown out the window. We try to plan most aspects of our lives…out vacations, our careers, our family, etc. Planning is a great tool to use to reduce the stress of life but sometimes life throw a monkey wrench in the game and you left with to Just Go with It. Don’t resist the inevitable, you can’t control everything.

2. Shifting your train of thought – Attitude is everything. Change your thought process, Change your entire world. The things as we once knew it has shifted due the urgency of the pandemic but it’s important to know when to embrace the change and change how you see things. It is a little harder to shift the train of thought but more important to identify those things we have gained… special family moments, heartfelt conversations, binge watching your favorite shows, game night with the family, movie night and popcorn on the couch, a long bath, a real live telephone call with a friend or loved one, a chance to reflect and remember, an opportunity to connect. This opportunity to be still and connect while forced upon us, was indeed necessary.

3. It’s Okay to not be okay – Mental health is very important and one shouldn’t be ashamed if emotions are all over the place. Normalizing emotions and feelings during an uncertain time is allowed. It’s okay to feel confused, to have feelings of uncertainty, experiencing anxiety. You are human and humans are made to have emotions and to have feelings. So it’s okay to feel a little off balance, trust me it’s normal. Not only during a pandemic but at all times.

Allow yourself the time to go through it and not be ashamed of what’s happening. And should you need to talk that ISH out, I encourage to seek professional counseling. Talking things out will not only easy your brain and anxiety, it’s good for you entire soul.

4. Humans are very creative and innovative – Human beings are so innovative and creative it’s insane. This was very apparent during this time. When you’re stuck in the house with nothing to do, the brain starts churning and beautiful things start to happen. Take for instance, look at TikTok….so many took to the app to create things to entertain themselves virtually. Whether it be a dance challenge, creating dope transitions for videos, or just doing one of those all too famous lip syncing ….. People have really got their creative juices flowing and it was up from there.

5. Relaxing and Chilling is CLUTCH! – This pandemic has put a whole spin on self-care. We all went from running an errand after errand, going here and there to being on absolute shut down. I’m sure most would have love a trial run of this shutdown shenanigans but we all were thrown into it like WHOA!!!! Who knew we enjoyed relaxing and unwinding so much. I mean we all have an occasional vacation to experience a little rest and relaxation but never like this. This quarantine and chilling is a thing and most people are loving. It’s giving most people a much needed rest of the hustle and bustle of the everyday norm.

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