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What is Vlogmas? and 25 Ideas

It officially December and it is time for Vlogmas!!! If you are not familiar with this term no worries, most people do not know. It is basically the time of the Holiday season where content creators on YouTube document all their Holiday content every day leading up to Christmas. It normally starts on December 1st and ends on December 24th. It sounds a lot…I know but a lot of content creators love this time of year to flood your timelines with Holiday content. Annddd Guess who is going to do it this year, ME….THIS GIRL!!!

If you are a participating in vlogmas, you are probably already diving headfirst with posting content. Posting content everyday for almost 24 days straight is no easy feat. It requires a certain level of planning, gathering of ideas and coordination. If 24 days is too much, some content creators are opting to tailor vlogmas just a little bit. Some are doing once a week or even 12 Days of Vlogmas. Whatever you decide, there should be some form of ideas and planning.

If you are still toying with the idea of Vlogmas it is not too late, it is still early in the month and you can take a stab at getting started today. The good thing about vlogmas in that it doesn’t’ require a huge amount of editing. Vlog style videos are easy to do and they are more in real time and less patching video clips together. So, if you are in the Vlogmas spirit, here are a few ideas to get you on your way!

Be sure to subscribe to my channel to check out my Vlogmas video. Also, if you are a blogger attempting to do blogmas, these ideas could also be used to create a blog post!!!

1. Introduction of your vlogmas

2. Christmas Shopping

3. Christmas cookies/holiday baking.

4. What’s in My Bag – Christmas Edition

5. Christmas Winter Edition

6. Holiday traditions

7. Decorating for the holidays

8. Christmas giveaway

9. Christmas Wishlist

10. DIY Christmas gifts

11. Christmas Traditions

12. Christmas Bargains

13. Winter Fashion Haul

14. Taking Christmas family photos

15. Holiday gift guide

16. Places to take children for the holidays

17. Favorite holiday movies/song

18. Stocking stuffer gift ideas

19. Christmas cocktail recipes

20. Winter OOTD

21. Small/black businesses to support this holiday season

22. Christmas/New Year’s Eve outfits

23. Favorite Christmas Food

24. Hosting a Christmas party

25. Traveling during the holidays

Now that you have the ideas, let’s get to posting those Vlogmas. I look forward to seeing them and don’t forget to check out my Youtube channel as well.

Happy Vlogmas Holiday!!!!

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