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Work Out Wednesday – 4 Ways to Stay Motivated to Workout

It has been over 4 months since this quarantine lifestyle, and it has not all been good to say the least. It was all kicks and giggles when we thought we would be back to normal within a month or so after getting the heart wrenching news of COVID-19. However, that's not been the case. Quarantine life has been good for somethings however, not so much for the waistline. Spending more time at home with little to no physical activity its starting to show up everywhere, even in how your clothes fit.

Everyone is feeling the impact of the extra time to Netflix and Chill and creating the bad habit of not working. After being at this social distancing and quarantine like for longer than we imagined, it’s time to get moving and get back on the fitness track. Preparing to get back to a work routine will not be easy so I have come up with some things that would keep help to stay motivated about fitness and the journey back to working out. The four ways to Stay Motivated for Fitness are:

1. Figure out your work out mood and the best time for you to work out.

Morning, Afternoon or Night!!!! Most people normally prefer to get workouts done in the morning. Get it done and over and be about the day. Whatever you preference looks like, find what works for you. Are you best at the crack of dawn? Are you a night owl? Figure what works within your schedule and go for it. Most fitness programs fail because there is not enough time in the day to get it done. If you establish a time of day that works best within your schedule, you are more likely to stick with the routine.

2. Dress the part.

This might seem so shallow but LISTEN, this is factual. If you look good, you feel good. When you have the proper fitness gear, you can be motivated to stick to getting up and working out. Keep in mind, you do not have to spend your entire budget on work out gear. There are plenty of economically priced fitness gear to choose from. I love switching up brands depending on what I feel like that day. I am an avid Old Navy active shopper. I love it because of the variation of styles, colors and price. I am particularly favorable of the high waist version of the leggings. Those are super and they give me nice and breathable fit.

3. Choose your workout routine or program

There are so many workout and fitness programs to choose from. The options are endless. Even in the middle of pandemic where gyms are limited, fitness gurus are becoming creative with offering workout options. There are also endless workout apps to choose from as well as free workout videos on Youtube. I recently committed to the Chloe Tings 2 Week Challenge. The program look like something I would enjoy and most importantly, it's FREE!! Whatever fitness program you choose find the one that tickles your fitness fancy and GO FOR IT!!!

4. Identify your why – Why are you working out? What is the purpose?

Most times people will start a workout program to fit into a dress or to look good for an upcoming vacation. Those are good reasons, but they are temporary. Once the event is over or the vacation has come and gone, are you no longer working out? I recommend attaching your goals and your why to something more tangible and sustainable. You want to feel better; you want to have better reading for you health/docs appointment; You want to be a better version of yourself. Are a few suggestions. When you attach your work out goals to a long-term goal, you’re more likely to achieve and stick with them.

Now that you have the things to get you back to your fitness routine, LET's GO!!!

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