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Get the perfect braid or twist out avoiding these mistakes

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Twist outs and braids outs are the go to natural hair style for most naturals. Whether if you’ve been at your natural hair journey for a while or just getting started, a twist/braid out is the style most naturals normally do. It’s the perfect style if you’re transitioning or if you’re a full blown natural. I know you’ve seen your favorite natural hair influencer or vlogger with the bomb twist/braid out that you do a double take when you see it and your eyes bulge at the results. Well I’m here to tell you Sis….you too can get those bomb results by following a few simple braid/twist out rules. So if you want to hear about it, here it go:

1. You didn’t use the right products

Using the right products can make or a break the perfect twist out or braid out. When choosing the product for this style you have to pay attention to how you want the results to be. In most cases, these styles are achieved with a heavier type product but it really depends on your preference and your hair. If you want a more defined outcome then a cream or butter based product would be do the trick. If you want a less defined more fluffy results, then you could opt for a mousse. And if you want that extra definition, you could always add a small amount of gel for you hair to pop. Just know, product selection matters, choose a product that matches your hair goals!!

2. You didn’t let your hair completely dry

This is not the style you think you’re going to achieve in 2 hours Sis. If you’re like most naturals, you either need to let your hair dry and set under a hooded dryer or allow your hair to air dry overnight. If your hair is really thick, overnight might not do the trick. You may need that extra time to make sure your tresses are 100% dry. I’m going to keep it all the way real…not letting your hair completely dry is an epic fail to your braid/twist out success. If you let your hair out too soon, you won’t get the definition I know you dreamt about. Not only will your definition be some trash, frizz will take over your style. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with a little frizz. Frizz is your friend but you don’t want it on first day hair. The key to getting the definition is letting the hair dry completely. If you don’t, all the upfront work you did to braid and twist your hair will be just in vain. You will only have to style you hair sooner than you’d like and you’d end up with a mess.

3. You didn’t detangle your hair

The key to having smooth tresses and great results is detangled hair. You cannot twist or braid your hair when it hasn’t been detangled properly. Tangled hair will only create more problems for you hair in the long run. Not only will your let out be lack luster, but you hair will more than likely be a matted mess.

Kinky and coily textures thrives when it’s been detangled. I know it seems a bit counterproductive to comb an already textured hair but hair that’s tightly coiled requires a comb every now in again. Detangled hair reduces single strand knots, breakage and it makes wash days much easier. So a word to the wise detangle your hair before attempting a twist/braid out style. Even if you don’t feel like it, be like Nike and.....Just do it!!

4. You didn’t properly let out your hair

Now that the hard part is done, you’ve used the perfect product combination, you’ve detangled your hair, you took time braiding/twisting your hair and now it’s time for the big reveal!!! You’ve put in all this hard work to get the result you want only to let out your hair the incorrect way. So here’s the skinny on the hair let out and what you need to do. You should release each braid/twist carefully. Be sure not to snag or pull the hair. Be gentle with your hair. You don’t want ruin the perfect let out because you’re not taking you time. To help you with the let out, add some oil to the process. It’s best to add some oil to the strands of your hair and hands. This will allows the hair to be released easily from each braid/twist with little to know frizz. You can use a light oil of choice or you can try sweet almond oil or grapeseed oil.

Now that you know what to do for your next braid/twist out, it’s going to beyond perfection and you will be officially tagged as natural hair goals!!!

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