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SOCIAL DISTANCING?!?! What's next...

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

The recent uprising and pandemic of CO-VID 19 aka Coronavirus has the whole world in a stand still. To prevent the increasing spread of this overly contagious virus, people are practicing social distancing. Social distancing is being used to aid in reducing the spread of the virus by limiting human contact. While this might not seem like a big deal, it’s a HUGE DEAL. When the NBA and MLB season was postponed, that’s when we I knew….OHHH it’s serious, serious!!!! The increasing rate on the spread of the virus has everyone on pins and needles on what to do and how not to contract the virus. With many political officials and states are enforcing a “Stay at Home” mandate, the population has no choice but to stay in the confines of their homes. In between eating all the snacks and overindulging on TV we need a few ideas on what we can do to pass the time. Here are 5 Things you can do while practicing social distancing.

1. Declutter/Clean up- Now that you really have nowhere to go and nowhere to be, this is a perfect opportunity to declutter. You know that pile of clothes on top of your treadmill aka clothes rack and the laundry you washed weeks ago but never folded and put away….YES that!!!! Take this extra time to create order by clearing up your space. Plus, it’s a perfect time to start your Spring cleaning. With the constant news updates of the ever spreading virus creating anxiety and adding to the already everyday stresses, having a clutter free space will relieve you of stress you can control. When your personal space is clutter free you will have a sense of calm and peace.

So go ahead organize that closet and clean out that pantry… distancing will be here for another week or so and you’ll have so much time left to Quarantine and Chill. So get –ta- getting’ and get some order in your life. The Zen in you will Thank You.

2. Practice Self Care – Self-care sounds easy right??? But it’s not always so easy. When we’re in the regular day to day routine we sometime forget to take a time out, so self-care is somewhat foreign and of distant memory. Self-care comes in different forms, I’m not just talking about at-home facials or pedicures, although that’s sounds ideal.

Self-care can also include whole body, spiritual and mental self-care. Take some time out to read affirmations or read the good word (whatever good word you prefer) but be like Mike and Just Do It!!! Reading faith based materials can help clear your heads’ mental space which is great way for mental self-care. And when you’re done with taking care of your mind and mental, then you can get to the real good part…..a nice indulging bubble bath with a glass a wine!!! So go ahead and research a good DIY Body Scrub and take that well-deserved long bubble bath. While you’re at it, top it off with a nice facial.

Check out my latest YouTube Skin Care routine for inspiration.

3. Refocus on Goals – You know those goals you made when the clock struck midnight at the beginning of the year?? You knew wholeheartedly you would achieve all of them and devise a plan for success, Yeah….those??? I know Sis….it’s okay, no judgment here. We know you barely tipped the iceberg on some of those things. But not to worry, you have time on your side. It’s time to refocus and plan out your goals. There’s a reason you let things get in the way and you never had a fair chance to get started, let alone succeed at any of your goals. Maybe you set your goals a little too high. Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t reach for the stars but you should at least make your goals attainable. There’s a reason you let Procrastination Patty take lease on your plans but there’s hope, Social Distancing is here to evict all things!!!! Go restructure your goals and put some fire up under your butt and GREEN LIGHT GO to your goals!!!

4. Call someone who’s been on your mind- This sounds so simple but do you know that most people don’t talk on the phone anymore. We’re in the age of texting and email which are great forms of communication but they have practically taken the place of an ole’ school phone call. Texting and emails are great, but sometimes those are not always the best method when trying to connect to people on a more personal level. It’s just something so different about a voice on the other end of your cell phone (because I know you probably don’t have a landline) that you feel more connected to the person. I’m sure the person you’re planning to call would love to hear from you. Just like Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, humans crave the sense of love, connection, friendship and family. While we can’t talk in person during this time, a simple phone call would fit the bill!! Or better yet, turn it up notch and Face time or video conference the person. Your heart will smile after the call….I guaranteed it!!!

5. Learn a new skill - Yes, sis…learn something new!!! An idle mind is the devils workshop so why not fill your new found free time with knowledge. Embark on something you've been putting off. You know that e-book on how to create an online boutique you saved to your desktop that you’d promised you’d get back to...well there’s nothing like the present. Go learn how to do something new or get better at what you already know. It’s doesn’t have to be so intense. You’ve been wanting to try that new recipe on your family, here’s your opportunity. Your family are sure to be home for this meal and will be sure to eat it….no worries. I’m saying all this to say, get the blood flowing in that huge organ of yours called the brain and TAKE FLIGHT!! You’ll not only discover something you might love but also pick up a new skill.

So there you go, in between your never-ending snacking, scrolling through the Gram, go ahead and fit one of these into your day. You will feel so accomplished and proud that you did. Stay safe and healthy.

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1 Comment

I’m definitely putting all the 5 categories to use during this time. I need to indulge more into the self care department though. Thanks for sharing.

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