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Three Must Haves for Healthy Natural Hair

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

In a previous blog we talked about “Natural Hair Swag”. Yes…you heard me, “Natural Hair Swag”!! As natural you would normally fall into one of those categories. Whatever you swag may be or how you define you natural hair lifestyle, we all can appreciate a short cut or hack to get us through the journey unscathed all while maintaining our tresses.

So here’s to whatever swag you identify with…A few hacks you can implement in your natural hair care routine to help you navigate your journey a little better.

1. For Maximum Growth and Retention

·Oil your scalp

· Massage your scalp nightly for 5 mins

· Protective styling – twist and braids are perfect

· Keep your hands out your hair

2. Keep your hair moisturized

· Try LCO or LOC method during wash day

· Deep condition often ( at least 3 times months)

· Drink your water - Stay hydrated

· Eat fruits and vegetables – You are and your hair is what you eat!!

3. Reduce the amount of Heat

· Use minimal heat at all times

· If you must blow dry, use it on low/cool setting

· Use a hair protectant when using heat

· Reduce the number of straight styles

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