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Top 3 Lip Colors for Fall Season

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Where did the Summer go? I turn around and the hot weather is gone. Summer is my favorite season, but Fall is my side bae (do not take it literally) While my all-time favorites of Summers sun and beaches are long gone, Fall brings it on with fashion!! So, I am sometimes torn between Summer’s heat rays and Fall’s Heated Fashions. Nonetheless, for fashions sake, I am just going to side with Fall for now.

Fall has interestingly arrived with a fashion vengeance and I could not be more excited. We will be seeing a lot of more neutral tones, shade of browns, hues of oranges and shades of burgundy sprinkled in. When there is Fall Fashions in clothing, beauty sort of follows suit with the same trends for Fall. You will be seeing more matted neutral, brown, and wine colored lippie this season. There will be less shimmer and more of a bronzed look. I am loving all the neutral tones and brown hues and Fall just might be in the lead for my favorite season. The tones is just a whole vibe and reminiscent of relaxing vacation in Tulum, Mexico. After viewing most of the fashion trends on the internet I found myself at the nearest makeup counter picking up some lip hues that corelates with Fall’s neutral hues.

We all cannot just run to the mall and buy every Fall trend because, why would be do that? One way to incorporated some of the Fall trends is through your beauty options. We are in the age of mask wearing so lipsticks seem almost unnecessary however, I found an alternative that is long wearing and will not have makeup transfer to your mask. Because let us admit, masks have really dumbed down my makeup routine. However, you can at least get your lippie together and be readily presentable when the masks come off.

These are my recommend lip hues to get you the look for Fall:

1. Neural Tone

You can never go wrong with a nude like lippie that will take you from day to night.

This color is clean and crisp as a brisk Fall morning. Nude lip tones can sometime

be challenging to pull off, but the perfect nude will definitely be your go to for the season.

2. Brown

Brown is the perfect blend of Fall. Its tones are reminders of the leaf changes as well as of woodsier feel. Brown also puts me in the mind of fluffy sweaters, hot tea, and cozy slippers.

3. Burgundy

These tones put me in the mind of a nice smooth glass of red wine and relaxing by a firepit. This color red undertones can be worn by many skin tones. It is all about finding the perfect shade that gives you the perfect amount of umph!!

Whatever Fall Tones your heart’s desire, be sure to wear it well and will this year’s Fall’s Fashion

DISCLAIMER AFFILIATE LINKS: Some of the links are affiliate links meaning if you purchase from them, I receive a small commission from the purchase.

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