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Top 5 Apps Every Content Creator Should Have

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Being a content creator where it be for social media, for your blog or website can pose challenges if you don’t have the right tools. Like most contact creators, they don’t necessarily have the tech-savvy skills when it comes to certain graphics and designs. In the past, content creators would have to seek out professional graphic artist to create the eye catching imagery for their content. This is most cases, can cost a pretty penny. And if you’re new to blogging or being on social medial, you may not have the budget to pay someone to create the things you need.

While some content creators still seek assistance from the professionals, there are a number of free resources that content creators can actually used to create their own images. Many content creators already use the ever so popular sharing apps like Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest to promote their content. But what do you need to make your content stand out and grab the eyes of your followers. There are some free apps and options that every content creator should consider downloading now. Here are my top 5 I recommend to download today.


This app is used to create eye catching video or photo content. They can be used for a combination of apps such as YouTube and Instagram. You can find this app on iOS or Android. There is a free version which is nice but the paid version allows you to explore and add so many more graphics to your images. Mojo is one of my absolute favorites. Like most apps, they have easy templates you can follow and edit with ease. You can also customize you own based on your preference


Do you ever wonder how some Instagram pages have a certain tone or look or just flat our have the most beautiful pictures…well you can obtain that them with VSCO. Rightfully so, the pictures are beautiful but using VSCO just gives is that extra pop. The app offers different type of presets that you can apply to you photos. There a free presets you can use but they also offer preset for sale for easy editing which are premade filters you can use for your images

VSCO is a great option for presets because it has tons of varieties and the editing capabilities you have within the app are endless. It offers an endless amount of filters and adjustment settings for you to play around with. VSCO is easy to use and it allow you to copy and paste edits presets from one photo to the next. Leaving you with a more consistent look on your feed or content creation.

Inshot -

Inshot is another simple video editor that allows you to edit and add text, emojis, filters, and more to your videos. No need for expensive editing software! Inshot allows you to upload all your videos and edit them according to your liking. It offers overlays, music, voice over you name. The possibilities are endless. You can definitely let your creative juices flow with Inshot. Like most apps, Inshot offers a free version which is pretty good but you can upgrade to the pro version.


Canva is the poor man’s graphic designer. It is simple graphic designer app that has tons of free templates, images and layouts. Canva is a quick way to create any type of social content that’s sure to be eye catching. Canva has a desktop and app version which makes it seamless when creating content. It can be synced between computer and the phone so any changes you make will automatically be updated on both.

Because all of your projects are synced, they can easily be shared on to other apps like Pinterest and Instagram. Canva has to be one of my favorite apps to use. Not only can you use it eye catching graphic for the Gram, you can also create custom flyers, presentations, business cards, logos, etc. Canva is free to use but they offer a paid version which allows you to use expanded features of the app. The free version is pretty good and offers a good amount of graphic option to get started.


Unfold is a content creation app that you use for Instagram stories and eBooks. It allows you to apply a number of effects to photos, create collages and export them directly to social media. You can also save image files and PDFs directly from the app. It’s user friendly and has tons of templates to choose from. The template can be easily edited to you preference.


Create quick videos and have them optimized for any platform using Jumprope. No need to wait hours for your videos to export on Premiere Pro – edit your video once and export it for IGTV, YouTube, and any other social media platform!

What apps are you using?

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