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What’s your natural hair SWAG?

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Being on a natural hair journey has its ups and downs and wearing your hair in its natural state can be a little tricky on some days. There are all kinds of natural hair queens navigating this hair journey all while trying to find their way. In that, you will run across different types of naturals and how they see themselves in their journey. Natural hair sounds so simple until you try it and in turn trying to implement something that may be foreign for your lifestyle.

I’ve been at this natural hair thing for almost 8 years and I can clearly see there are certain types of naturals roaming the streets trying to find their way!!! Queens will embark on a natural hair journey for multiple reasons and with that comes a certain natural hair swag. You heard me….SWAG!! There is such a thing… let’s break down the different types of naturals and what makes up their SWAGOO!!!!


The OG Natural has never experienced creamy crack. She’s been at the natural hair game since birth and has been rocking her coily hair for as long as she can remember. She’s a true advocate for natural hair in all environments and will speak up on it at any given moment.

She’s our sister on the front line supporting and writing policies about hair inclusion and the right for people to wear their crown/hair how it grow out the scalp. She keeps us centered and reminds us to stay WOKE!!!


The clean natural plays no games with what she adds to her scalp and tresses. She is the natural mother earth in the flesh. She uses all natural oils and butters and will only use them in its purest form. She has all the natural ingredients for her tresses and her products stash is minimal. She’s for sure the consummate DIY-er and creates the best mix of natural ingredients for her hair.

Her motto - “Only the best of ingredients for her crown”. She’s an avid ingredient researcher and is knowledge about what they all do to the hair. She rarely subscribes to the natural hair product hype.


The innovative natural is the modern natural of today. She knows how to rock every natural hair style and looks good in doing so. She knows the tricks of the natural hair trade and is normally a product junkie. She will be the first to try a new brand release of a product line and will rage about it.

She normally has an Instagram feed that reflects her natural hair style and loves to show off her tresses with the perfect selfie and length check. She’s not afraid to try natural hair techniques and will add a clip in hear or there to give her hair a much needed break from styling.


The lazy natural is not about that every week wash and deep condition your hair life. She normally leaves her hair cornrowed under a wig and will keep her hair hidden with some type of braided style. She has beautiful hair underneath the protective styles but rarely shows it. She will let her tresses come out to play for a few days at a time and after that, back to a protective style she goes.

She is not the one to try every natural hair style or technique. She’s likes to keep it really simple. Her product stash is very minimal and refuses to purchase things that don’t work. She loves to wear a nice ponytail or bun to keep the hair out of the way.

Now that we’ve broke down the different types of natural hair swags, which one are you? Maybe you're a mixture of them all. Whatever your natural hair swag is, be great Sis and be beautiful in it!!! Wear your CROWN how ever you see fit.

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