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Natural Hairstyles for Moms on the Go

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Who doesn’t love a fuss free hairstyle??? Something easy to pull off in less than 10 minutes and less than $10 bucks?? MOMS…that’s who!!! If it's about saving money and saving time, then moms are so here for it. Moms are Superhero's and are the ultimate multi-taskers. We do so many things and wear so many hats so time and resources are very important. When you’re a busy mom, hair tends to be the last thing you’re thinking about. Plus, with so many things to conquer on the “To Do List” , who has time for a long drawn out day at the salon? Between work, kids and family moms are always looking for ways to minimize the hassle of hair styling. Besides, we're "SuperMoms" and we have to look the part!

I’m so here for all ways on what I can do make life easier for Moms on the Go. These are my tried and true hairstyles when time is fleeting and money is low!! These are sure winners to keep you shining…shining…and looking well put together at the drop of the DIME!! Check out a few Mom on the Go Hairstyles that will get you thru the busiest week and will have you all the way together for date night or girls night out in seconds flat.

Sleek PonyTail- All you need are a few items to get this look and the perfect edge control to keep your edges SLAYED and LAID!! Throw some hair accessories or jewelry for some added flair and SHE READY!!! Check out the video for step by step and items you need to achieve the perfect ready to go Sleek Pony Tail

$5 Wash & Go - If you want to show off your texture and curls.... I have something for that too!! It'll only cost you $5 and a little bit of time to get you a $5 Wash & Go. Its a two product cocktail that’ll only cost you a few minutes to achieve. So don't walk...RUN to your nearest Walmart and Target for these must have Wash & Go products. This easy process will have your curls poppin' and flowing in no time!

Sleek Low Ponytail - The ponytail is the all time favorite and Go-To hairstyle for anytime and anyplace. Just think, a ponytail can take you to from the boardroom, to the playground and back around for date night!! I call this the multi-purpose hairstyle for ANYTHING!!! Get your favorite “GirlFriend” (that's code word for weave or add on) and get your entire life with you own textured Sleek Pony Tail. Trust me, it's going to be so good!!!

So just like that you're able to turn into the most fabulous Mom in seconds. Don't forget to make time for self-care even if it takes only 5 minutes...You deserve it! You're not just a wonderful mom but you're beautiful WOMAN too!!!

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