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Secrets to Growing Your Natural Hair

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

You have made the decision to embrace your natural texture and to grow out your hair. You are excited and want all the secrets and deets on how to get your tresses thriving and growing as soon as possible. You need all the secrets, the products, the remedies on how to go from a TWA to waist length in seconds. Well, I have some news for you, there really is no secret. You have always known how to get your hair to growing, just probably looking for the quick way or miracle potion to get it done. I am here to tell you, you probably already doing what you need it is just fine tuning what you are already doing.

While your hair will not grow overnight there are some things you can do to speed up your growing process. These tried and true methods will have you on your way to natural hair success and long flowing tresses.

1. Routine – Establishing a routine on how you care for your hair is so important. When you establish a hair routine your hair becomes adaptable and more manageable resulting in less stress on you and your hair. A routine may consist of a scheduled wash day, knowing which products to use as well as styling options for your hair. A hair routine can be stressful if you do not have one. Your routine comes down to knowing what to do to your hair and when to do it. Especially if you are just starting your journey and not sure where to start, a routine it vital and could make a break your natural hair success. The TD HAIR GUIDE can get you on your way to a successful routine. It can help you identify and track your hair goals, hair care routine and progress. Download the guide TODAY and keep a note of your hair activity.

2. Consistency – I know…I know…There is that “C” word!! Consistency in anything equals to success. Just think, if you are on a weight loss journey, if you consistently show up every day to the gym and consistently changing your eating habits, you will eventually see results. Well the same holds true for your hair Sis. Consistently taking care of your hair and providing the things is needs will garner healthy growing hair. Being consistent with your hair routine which we mentioned before as well as ridding yourself of the lazy spirit will have you out here will bra length hair no time. Using the TD HAIR GUIDE and consistently referring to your routine will have you look like Rapunzel in not time!

3. PatienceYup, you heard me!! Patience!!! The hair growth rate of most individuals is a 0.1 to 1 inch per month. Growth rate varies from person to person so, there is that too. You also must factor in genetics, diet, stress levels, medications as well as how your hair reacts to styling, products, etc. Some of the things you can do to increase your growth or course is how you treat your body and your hair. Make sure you are drinking your water and feeding your body fruits and vegetables.

A plant will not grow without water and pot soil, so neither will you hair. You can also consider adding Biotin to your daily supplements. Biotin is a B Vitamin which is known to boosts the health of the hair and nails. There are several things to consider when trying grow out your hair but ultimately, being patient is the top thing to consider. Just think, Rome was not built in the day and our hair will not grow long in a day either.

4. Scalp Massages – Now we are getting to the good part!! Scalp Massages are so simple to do and can be done at any point. Scalp massages increases blood flow to the scalp, promotes scalp health and stimulates the scalp resulting in hair growth. Not only does it do all that, massages are also relaxing and reduce the stress so, it is a WIN-WIN!! Increased circulation aids in the hairs ability to received nutrients resulting in optimal hair growth. It is ideal to perform a scalp massage during your wash day, but you can also incorporate them as a daily routine. You can achieve the ultimate scalp massage using your favorite oil, paired with a scalp massager is perfect combo on your way to healthy growing hair. Here is a few of my favorite oils I like to use during my massage days.

5. Deep Conditioning – I know this sounds simple enough, but deep conditioning is like the secret sauce to your hair growth journey. Kinky and curly textures are prone to be very dry and dry hair is prone for breakage. Deep conditioning will help with the overall health of the hair and helps maintain and prevent dryness. Most naturalistas will make every excuse in the book for not having the time to complete a 15-30-minute deep conditioning process. It may seem like a long time, but it is not. Treat your deep conditioning as a spa day and take your time. The small amount effort and time spent deep conditioning your tresses will benefit you in the long run. You will notice a difference immediately in how your hair responds resulting in hair retention and hair growth. The small amount of time outweighs the result you will see from your hair Moisturized hair will also respond effectively to hair styles! Check out my YouTube Video sharing my favorite deep conditioners

So, there it is…THE SECRET, no secret to getting healthy, moisturized, and manageable natural hair. When your hair is all this thing will grow and thrive.

DISCLAIMER AFFILIATE LINKS: Some of the links are affiliate links meaning if you purchase from them, I receive a small commission from the purchase.

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