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It’s Officially Cold Weather Season – NOW WHAT??

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Winter Natural Hair Care Guide to the rescue!!! You’re all ready for pumpkin spice flavored everything and fuzzy sweaters but are you ready for your winter hair care regimen. You know it's time to winterized your car and home…well let’s winterize your hair routine.

It may sounds crazy at first but it’s a known fact that your natural hair regimen should change slightly when the temps drop. Let's get-ta gettin' in making sure your tresses continue to flourish in the frigid cold. I’m giving you a nice check list of how to winterize your routine and items you should keep on hand to get you through the cold weather season.

  • Conditioners – Make deep conditioning your BFF this season. The key to keeping your hair moisturized and healthy will be in the bottle of your favorite deep conditioner. Look for mask/masque deep conditioners and those that are more moisturizing. Here's a few of my favorite deep conditioners that does wonders to my hair and that I can't live without.

  • Oils – Invest in heavier oils such as Olive oil, Avocado oil, Jamaican Castor oil, and Jojoba oil. These oils help coat the hair strands and will seal in moisture. Remember oil doesn't moisturized the hair, you need help of a water base product for that. For the best moisture retention, the key is layering the oil on top of your water base product. Try using the LOC Method to obtain ultimate moisturized tresses.

  • Co-Wash Shampoo– You won’t need as many clarifying shampoos so creamier co-wash shampoo's will be the solution. Clarifying shampoo tend to strip the oil and moisture from the hair so a co-wash shampoo is the alternative. Don't give up clarifying shampoo all together. But since you’ll be giving you’re wash & go’s a small break, you won’t have as much product build up and you won't have to clarify your hair as often. I recommend clarifying once a month and co-washing weekly.

  • Silk/Satin Lined Winter Accessories – When bundling up, make sure your hats, scarves or whatever it is you’re using to stay warm is lined with silk or satin. We need to stay warm during this time of year so your gear should be armed with silk or satin. Silk/Satin prevents the hair from over drying and stops unnecessary snagging that sometimes occur with warm weather accessories. I've noticed an increase of available satin and silk line products which is great however, they're not always fairly priced. Having satin or silk lined accessories doesn't have to break the bank..... I got you Sis. With a little creativity, you can remix your favorites items/accessories you already own. Check out my DIY Satin Lined YouTube Video to help get you started.

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